Attention Customers: We're excited to announce that Waste Management, North America's leading environmental solutions provider, has acquired Advanced Disposal. Learn what this means for you here.

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Attention Customers: We're excited to announce that Waste Management, North America's leading environmental solutions provider, has acquired Advanced Disposal. Learn what this means for you here.

Special Waste Analytical Testing Table

Blackfoot Landfill - Winslow, IN

This table provides basic parameters for the analytical testing of the various special wastes accepted at our landfills. Before you contract for any testing, please consult with a special waste expert to ensure you obtain the necessary tests and don't incur any additional analytical costs or delays with your project. Contact Us Here

Test Parameter Test Parameter
FP Flashpoint RS Reactivity - Sulfide
BT Burn Test RW Reactivity - Water Reactive
C Corrosivity FL Free Liquids
RC Reactivity - Cyanide P200 Sieve Analysis
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl %CI Percentage Chlorine
GRO Gas Range Organics DRO Diesel Range Organics
PAH Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Waste Category Waste Name General Parameters Metals Volatile Organic Compounds Semi-Volatile Cmpds Pesticides & Herbicides MSDSs
Foundry Wastes
Foundry Sand Contact Us X
Baghouse Dusts Contact Us X
Slag Contact Us X
Shotblast Dust & Media Contact Us X
Coal Ash Contact Us X
Wood Ash C X
Incinerator Ash Contact Us X
Paint Sludges/Solids
Water based/Latex Paints FL X
Solvent based Paints FP, FL X X
Powered Paints X
Paint Filters & Overspray
Water based/Latex Paints FL X
Solvent based Paints FP, FL X X
Dried Paint & Paint Chips X
Sandblasting Sand
Painted Surfaces Contact Us X
Other Sandblasting Projects Contact Us X
Abrasives & Buffering Wastes (sander belts, buffering wheels) Contact Us X
Animal/Vegetable based Glues FL X
Solvent based Glues/Adhesives FP, FL X X
Inorganic adhesives (portland cement, mortar) X
Mineral/Asphaltic FP, FL Benzene Cresols X
Silicones FP, FL X
Thermoplastic Resins & Adhesives FP, FL X
Thermosetting Resins & Adhesives FP, FL X
Refractory X X
Ink Wastes
Ink Sludges FP, FL X X
Ink Filters FP, FL X X
Glass Wastes
Optical Glass Pb
Automotive Glass Pb
Residential Glass
Mirrored Glass Pb, Cr
Other Specialty Glasses X
Catch Basin Wastes
Sanitary Sewer Grit & Screenings FL
Car Wash Catch Basin Wastes Contact Us
Vehicle Maintenance Catch Basin Wastes FL Cd, Cr, Pb X
Food Processing/Grease Trap Wastes FL
Industrial Catch Basin Wastes Contact Us
Industrial Sludges
Paper Mill Sludge C, RC, RS, FL X
Metal Finishing/Surface Prep WWT Sludges FL X X
Grinding/Machining Sludges FP, C, RS, FL X X
Organic Chemical WWT Sludges Contact Us X X X X
Water Curtain Paint Sludges FP, C, RS, FL X X
Oil Water Separator Sludges FL, X X
Water Supply Treatment Sludges C, FL X
Municipal Waste Water Treatment Sludges RS, FL, PCB, %CI X
Ceramic Production Wastes X
Off Specification Products
Uncontaiminated X
Contaminated Contact Us X X X X X
Ends & Trimmings X
Plant Clean Up Wastes
Floor Sweepings Contact Us
Absorbents Contact Us
Leather Wastes Contact Us X X
Commercial/Industrial Equipment Contact Us X
Spent Carbon Contact Us X
Spent Catalysts Contact Us X
Single Chemical Substances & Products X
Lighting Wastes
Crushed Lamps Cd, Hg, Pb
Treated Lamps Cd, Hg, Pb
Non-PCB Light Ballasts
Animals/Animal Wastes
PCB Bulk Products Wastes
Automobile Shredder Residue Cd, Pb, PCB
Applied Paints, Varnishes & Sealants Contact Us
Plastics & Molded Rubber Products Contact Us
Non-Liquid Building Demolition Debris Contact Us
Other PCB Bulk Product Wastes Contact Us
Wood Wastes
Untreated Unfinished Wood & Sawdust
Weathered Telephone Polls and Railroad Ties
Creosote Treated Wood Contact Us X X X
Pentachlorophenol Treated Wood Contact Us X X X
CCA Treated Wood Contact Us X
Finished Wood & Sawdust Contact Us X X
Used Oil Filters (non-terne plated & hot plated)
Intake Air Filters
Food Stuffs & Food Processing Wastes
Empty Containers
Tank Bottom Sludges
Gasoline Sludges FP, FL, Pb Benzene
Fuel Oil Sludges FP, FL, X Benzene
Used Oil Sludges FP, FL, , X X
Non-Petroleum Product Sludges X
Contaminated Soil - Petroleum USTs
Leaded Gasoline Pb Benzene
Unleaded Gasoline Benzene
Low Flash Petroleum Distillates Benzene
Fuel Oils Benzene
Lube Oils Benzene
Used Oils X X
Contaminated Soil - Petroleum ASTs & Spills
Agricultural Wastes
Soils/Grains with known Chemical Contamination X
Soils/Grains with unknown Chemical Contamination FP, BT, C, RC, RS, RW, FL, P200 X X X X X
Fertilizers C, RW X
Spill Residues
Non-Industrial Site X
Industrial Site Contact Us X X X X X
Remediation Wastes (not previously specified)
Contaminated Soil/Groundwater Contact Us X X X X
Contaminated Debris Contact Us X X X X
Building Demolition or Renovation
Industrial Process Wastes X X
Nonfriable Asbestos
Other Miscellaneous Industrial Wastes Contact Us X X X X X
Residues from Treatment of Hazardous Waste Contact Us X X X X
Residues from Treatment of Infectious Waste
Ash C X
Residue from Alternate Treatment (microwave, autoclave) Contact Us
Dredge Materials
Dredge Materials - No PCBs Contact Us X X X X
Dredge Materials - PCBs < 50 mg/kg/ total Contact Us X X X X
Street Sweepings P200
Other Liquid Wastes
Leachate from other Landfills Contact Us X X X X
Other Liquid Wastes Contact Us X X X X

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Advanced Disposal, now part of Waste Management

Waste Management, based in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management environmental services in North America. Through its subsidiaries, Waste Management provides collection, transfer, disposal services, and recycling and resource recovery.  It is also a leading developer, operator and owner of landfill gas-to-energy facilities in the United States.  Waste Management’s customers include residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal customers throughout North America.  To learn more information about Waste Management, visit

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