5 Things to Ask When Looking for a Waste Collection Provider

Choose Advanced Disposal for Waste Collection Services

Being able to choose your solid waste collection company could be a daunting task if you do not know where to start. With so many options, how do you know which company is right for you? Here are five important questions to ask before choosing a provider:

  1. Do they have the services you need? From garbage and recycling to yard waste and bulk item pick up, Advanced Disposal offers a variety of residential collection services throughout our various service areas to fit your needs.
  2. Are they reputable and safe to have in your neighborhood? Many smaller waste collection companies charge less because they may skip important steps in screening employees and making sure they are properly and regularly trained.

That’s why Advanced Disposal makes safety a top priority, and is the only Neighborhood Certified waste collection provider. This means having the highest standards across all levels of sanitation and making sure the proper precautions are taken before sending vehicles into your neighborhood. Here are some of the many ways Advanced Disposal helps keep your neighborhood safe:

○      Perform criminal background checks on every employee.
○      Provide in-depth, onboarding training and continued monthly education.
○      DOT qualified drivers with clean MVR’s.
○      Equip trucks with active backing sensors and onboard DriveCams.
○      Right-hand routing to prevent crisscrossing roads with trucks or employees.
○      Drug-free workplace.

  1. Are they clean and professional? Keeping your neighborhood clean can be a dirty job, but we pride ourselves on our professional and tidy appearance. After all, we want you to be proud to call your neighborhood home. Advanced Disposal expects the following from every employee each day:

○      Wear proper and appropriate personal protective equipment.
○      Wear clean uniforms and clothing at the start of each day.
○      Take pride in the appearance of vehicles and workplace.

  1. Are they reliable? No one wants a missed pick-up or to find debris on their street. Reliable service is important and is key to keeping your neighborhood clean. In order to keep your neighborhood ship shape, Advanced Disposal follows these guidelines:

○      All routes will be serviced on the day they are scheduled.
○      Any missed service will be picked up when promised by the Customer Care Representative.
○      Invest in a strong preventative maintenance program to ensure safe and consistent equipment for dependable service.
○      Provide Service Alert Sign Up to alert you to holidays and potential service interruptions as well as options to receive newsletters and promotions.

  1. How is their customer service and how easy are they to access? When in need of assistance, it’s important to be able to reach someone quickly and promptly to have your question/issue resolved. Advanced Disposal provides this by:

○      Providing a “One Call Does It All” approach to customer inquiries.
○      24/7 inquiry and email communication with Customer Care including Service Alert Sign Up.
○      Being flexible and understanding with the utmost goal to support you – our customer.
○      Differentiating service by communicating within and between departments to seamlessly support customers.
○      Communicating in a professional manner with all customers and fellow employees.

These are just a few of the reasons why your neighbors are choosing Advanced Disposal as their trusted environmental services company. For more information on our residential services, check this out, or Request Waste Removal Services for your home today. Signing up is easy!


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