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King of the Road: How Advanced Disposal Practices Safe Driving


Advanced Disposal strives to be an industry leader in promoting safe driving practices in all the communities we serve.   We train and equip our collection crew supervisors with the knowledge and tools they need to keep track of how our CDL drivers are performing and to ensure the safest driving practices possible for everyone’s protection on the road.  Here are just a few ways Advanced Disposal is reinforcing safe driving procedures among employees.

Once a driver is hired at Advanced Disposal, a rigorous training program begins that starts with two and a half days of classroom training followed by ten days of on-the-road training with a qualified lead driver. After training, only properly trained, qualified, and authorized Advanced Disposal employees are allowed to drive a company vehicle. The Smith System, a professional driver training process, is used to train drivers regarding ”Space Cushion Driving” which helps avoid collisions.  Drivers are also trained on OSHA topics and must be qualified per DOT.  Along with training, drivers must also have clean driving records, the ability to meet DOT medical standards, and are drug free. Each driver receives a monthly observation from supervisors to verify driving habits are consistent with company standards as well as monthly training to keep drivers up to date on new practices and requirements.  … read more


Ways to Make Your Neighborhood a Safer Place

keeping your neighborhood safe


Remember the days when you were just a kid and could roam the neighborhood for hours after school, on the weekends and all during the summer with never a worry or Q&A from your parents upon your return? The days of playing with neighborhood friends, exploring the bordering woods and riding your bike for endless miles with only the worry of making sure you were home in time for dinner are now memories of the past. Today, you are a parent and the rulebook has changed. There are different, more cautious sets of rules today and for good reason. With local media pushing more crime and mischief stories than ever, we are now more aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods, and knowing exactly where your kids are and who they are with is imperative. Every neighborhood can be a safe place to live when you get your neighbors involved, but it has to start with you. Take the initiative and follow some of these simple steps to a safer neighborhood.  … read more


Sam Safety: Showing Kids How To Be Safe Around Garbage Trucks

Sam Safety- Advanced Disposal

Garbage trucks are a fun and cool thing for kids to watch. They are big, make noise, do fun things with your garbage, and the garbage men and women are people children look up to. While the trucks may be fun to watch, they are not safe to play around. Here are a few tips from Advanced Disposal about keeping children safe around garbage trucks.  … read more


How to be Safe in the Workplace

safety in the workplace


While safety policies, procedures and programs are required to be in place in every organization, knowing your role as an employee can play an important part in the safety of yourself and others. Safety awareness is the key to success in preventing injuries and illnesses. Here are suggestions on how to be safe in the workplace.  … read more


Summer Safety Tips

summer safety tips


The kids are finally out of school, and the family is ready to have some summer fun swimming, hiking, bike riding and being a part of cookouts and other events. Summer can be the best part of the year for some, but everyone must remember to be safe from potential summer dangers. Here are a few summer safety tips to make sure your summer is a fun and safe one.

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8 Ways to Make Your Halloween Green


It is estimated that more than 70% of Americans celebrate Halloween, and it is the second-highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. U.S. households will spend $7.4 billion this Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation, on costumes, decorations, treats and parties. Make your mother proud this Halloween by following some of these green tips:

1. Retro Costumes: Make your own using old clothes or items from thrift stores, or create a costume swap with family and friends to recycle costumes. Nearly 85 percent of store-bought costumes are discarded after one use!

2. Trick-or-Treat Collectors: Decorate and use household items to collect candy, such as buckets, bags or pillowcases. They can be inexpensively decorated and reused year after year.  … read more