Putting Special Waste to the Test


Sludges, Ash, Foundry Wastes or Soils have you stumped? Are you working on a project and need an initial understanding of what analytical tests may need to be performed?

Various state regulations coupled with specific landfill requirements can make the process confusing. We have tools available to help you through the process. We are developing tables to provide basic parameters for analytical testing of various special wastes that we accept at our landfills. These are basic parameters, and the best practice is to consult with a special waste expert before you contract for any testing. Our experts will consult with you on the necessary tests and will always be mindful to not incur additional analytical costs or project delays.  Because time and money is something we never want to waste!

The Landfill Special Waste Matrixes can be found in our Resources Section. More information about Advanced Disposal’s special waste services is here.

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