Start an Office Recycling Program

start an office recycling program

In an effort to make your workplace go green, first you will have to know exactly what you are throwing away. It is estimated that 90 percent of waste in the workplace can be recycled, and knowing what it is that you can recycle in your business can help kick start a more efficient office recycling program.

Employee Participation

Start small. Recycling can be overwhelming, and starting with one or two items to recycle at first to get into a habit may be easier than telling your staff to recycle 10-15 things all at once. Paper is a good place to start, as many employees use several dozen sheets of paper every day, if not more. Setup desk-sized paper recycling bins under every desk, so employees have easy access to a bin while sitting at their desks. Placing recycling bins next to printers and fax machines is a great way to make sure paper gets recycled instead of put in the trash. Another place to start would be to have a recycling bin for plastic and aluminum. Water and soda bottles, along with soda cans are some of the most common things thrown in the trash, when they can be easily rinsed and placed in a recycling bin. Make sure these bins are in areas like break rooms, so it is easy to remember to recycle. Clearly mark all bins so employees know which bin is for what recycled item.

Track the progress of recycled material and show your employees just how much their recycling is helping the workplace and the environment. This will keep them encouraged and increase their willingness to recycle.

Arranging for Recycling 

Now that you have started an office recycling program, how is it going to be recycled? If your office is near a recycling center, a designated employee could drop off the recycling every week. If your office complex already has recycling in place, make sure to contact the complex manager for details. There are also pick-up services for business recycling to make it even easier. At Advanced Disposal, we customize our recycling services to meet your business’ specific recycling needs. The most common service we provide is cardboard recycling, with once-weekly pickup. In some markets, we also offer paper, steel, aluminum, fiber and plastics recycling. These materials can be collected using carts, frontload containers, roll-offs or compactors.

Extra Steps to Take in Office Recycling

Once your team has gotten into the habit of recycling properly, add a few extra bins into the mix. Ink and electronic bins, when following EPA rules, can help ensure these items are not getting into landfills, and can also be monetarily beneficial to a business if recycled at places like Staples, who give discounts to those who recycle ink and toner cartridges.

Appointing a designated recycling coordinator in the office who is excited about the program can help keep things on track and can help educate new employees on the process.

Recycling in the office leads to more overall awareness and can lead employees to take the recycling to their home. Together, we can all make the Earth a better place by making small changes!

Contact your local Advanced Disposal facility to see how we can streamline your office recycling process.


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