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Stop the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Growth

Photo Compliments of Mother Nature Network
Photo Compliments of Mother Nature Network

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is the world’s largest collection of floating trash.* While much of the contamination comes from countries that don’t have sound solid waste strategies, there is much more we can do at home, not just on Earth Day but every day.

One of the biggest contributors to the GPGP is plastic, and only 7 percent of plastic in the U.S. is recycled. Here’s a sampling of what your plastics and papers become:

  • #1 plastics (water bottles and soft drink bottles) make fabric and carpets.
  • #2 plastics (milk jugs and determent bottles) make decking, lumber, fencing and new bottles.
  • Papers make copy paper, greeting cards, tissue, paper towels and more.

Our recycling facilities also accept:

  • #3 – #7 plastic containers. These include: food, beverage, deli, ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, bakery, pill, medicine, and kitty litter containers.
  • aseptic boxes and paper cartons: soup, milk, broth, and orange juice
  • recycled papers (not shredded)
  • aluminum cans (not crushed)
  • glass jars and bottles (no window glass)

It’s important not only to recycle, but to recycle the RIGHT way. Here are four common mistakes that impede the recycling process:

  •  Recyclables in Plastic Bags:When plastic bags are mixed with acceptable recyclable materials, the bags entwine in the machinery and cause downtime to clear the equipment. Because our employees sort by hand, this also creates a safety issue.
  • Plastic Toys and Furniture: Plastic toys and furniture are made of different grades of plastic, which all have different melt points.  This contaminates the melting process and impairs the equipment. Instead, give your old toys and furniture new love and donate them. You can also take them to your local Transfer Facility to recycle for free. Check your facility page for a location near you.
  • Shredded Paper: Shredding paper reduces its size so dramatically that it ends up in the wrong place at recycling facilities. Once it is mixed with glass or residue, it cannot be recovered for recycling. Contact a mobile document destruction service that will take it to their warehouse and bale it for recycling.
  • Pizza Boxes: This is one of the most common recycling mistakes. Although pizza boxes are made of cardboard, the grease from the pizza contaminates the raw material. To ensure your leftovers don’t end up in the Pacific, tear off the untarnished parts for recycling.

Every time you recycle, it counts. Thank you for making a difference!

*National Geographic


How to Create a Paperless Workplace

paperless office
Source: www.kablerthomas.com

At the dawn of the personal computer came the term, “paperless office.” This ideal was first predicted in a 1975 Businessweek article. Decades later, we may have progressed slightly closer to this office model, but most companies still rely heavily on paper use to meet the needs of clients and regulatory or legal requirements. With a more widespread use of tablets and mobile devices, we could see a major shift to a society that is less paper dependent.

Here are some practical ways to reduce the amount of paper currently used in your organization, as well as some easy ways to keep employees involved in the process:
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Start an Office Recycling Program

start an office recycling program
Source: www.execustore.com

In an effort to make your workplace go green, first you will have to know exactly what you are throwing away. It is estimated that 90 percent of waste in the workplace can be recycled, and knowing what it is that you can recycle in your business can help kick start a more efficient office recycling program.
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Extreme Recycling: From Trash to Treasure

extreme recycling challenge

We believe that Earth Day goes beyond a single day, so let’s dream! People around the globe are finding new means to keep our planet beautiful by recycling what would otherwise end up in a landfill in practical, but also, very extreme ways. So, here is your chance to join the fun and turn green into cha-ching!

You have two weeks to post the best image of your most Extreme Recycling project to our Facebook page. A winner will be chosen on May 6, 2015 to win a $500 gift card. Just like us on Facebook and post your most creative recycling! Need some inspiration? From stunning art installations and housing options, to practical ways to make your garden beautiful, here are some extreme ideas for making trash into treasure!

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Celebrate Earth Day: Easy Recycling Tips for Home and Office

Earth Day Recycling

Earth Day provides the perfect platform for starting a new recycling routine with family, friends and coworkers. Advanced Disposal wants you to Make Your Mother Proud with these everyday recycling tips!

Recycle Right

It’s important to pay attention to what can and can’t be recycled, so that the recycling process is fast and safe. Cardboard, paper, food boxes, mail, beverage cans, food cans, jars, jugs and plastic bottles are good to recycle. Glass bottles depend on your location, though — so check to make sure you’re recycling right!

Did you know that these commonly recycled items cannot be recycled at your curb? Plastic grocery bags, take out boxes, Styrofoam, paper coffee cups, shredded paper, pizza boxes, household glass and more can be found on this list. See the full list of items and learn more about recycling right.  … read more